What is E Surface, Silk, Metallic, True Black & White and Fuji Deep Matte paper?
We use Kodak E-Surface Professional Grade photographic paper. Our Silk Paper is Professional Endura Premier Color Paper from Kodak and features a silk surface finish. Our Metallic paper is a Kodak product and has a high contrast, high saturation, and high gloss metallic look. The True Black & White paper is produced by Ilford and is processed using black and white chemicals. Fuji Deep Matte is a lusterless photographic paper produced by Fuji.
What is color correction?
When selecting color correction, your images are individually color corrected by our experienced staff of color technicians for optimum print quality. If you prefer to handle your own color management, you may choose to have your files printed without additional color/density adjustments by the lab.
Can I combine multiple paper types in the same order?
No, you cannot combine different photographic paper types in the same order. If you are ordering more than one paper type, you will need to place separate orders for each paper type.
Do you offer die-cut on wallets? Is it an additional charge?
Yes, wallet prints are die-cut, by default, at no additional charge. If you do not want us to die-cut your wallet order, please specify that in the software when placing your order.
Do you offer back printing on prints? What does it include, and can I customize that information?
Yes, we do back print all prints within certain printer limitations. It typically includes your file name, studio name, and copyright symbol. Unfortunately, back printing cannot be customized.
Are there any discounts available for studio display prints?
Yes, we offer a 25% studio sample discount on prints 16x20 and larger. Please contact Customer Service when placing your order, and they will apply the discount. Due to high production volumes, discounts are not available November 1 through December 30.
What is the turnaround time?
Typical turnaround time for print orders is 24 hours in lab. Orders for sizes 24x30 are delivered via free UPS next day. Orders for sizes larger than 24x30 are delivered via UPS 2nd Day Air: 2 business days. Keep in mind that any additional services can add processing time to your order.
What is the difference in 7 oz. and 10 oz. canvas?
The 7oz. canvas has a more uniform pattern, comparable to linen. The 10oz. canvas is heavier with a deeper weave, suitable for larger prints.
How is this process different from the Fine Art Canvas or Gallery Wraps?
For canvas bonded prints, we take a photographic print and bond, or press, it into the canvas material using pressure and heat. For Fine Art Canvas and Gallery Wraps, the image is printed directly on the canvas using an inkjet printer.
Why is the Finelinen texture more affordable than the Linen texture? What is the difference between them?
Finelinen texture has a more uniform appearance than the Linen texture. When applying the Finelinen texture, we run the prints through a roller process. Our Linen texture is applied by pressing a premade plate into the print, making it a more labor intensive process.
Do I have a choice on how the Brush Texture is applied?
Yes, you can make requests from the following:

Random - An allover swirl stroke that covers the whole print. No contouring or following of the actual image.

Normal - Random strokes in background. The subject (or main focus) of the image will be followeded using contoured strokes. This is what will be applied if no preference is made known to us.

Artistic - No random strokes. The entire print is followed. Background is followed, as well as the subject.
Do you have tips for framing a Print on Metallic paper?
If you are ordering a Print on Metallic paper that is intended for framing with glass, we recommend using spacers. If spacers are not used, the Print may stick to the glass, causing damage to the Print.
Can I order a custom size?
Yes, custom sizes are available through Remote Suite PLUS.