How many images on a Press Proof Book page?
You have your choice of 4 or 6 images per 8x10 page.
Can I print on both sides?
Printing on both sides is what distinguishes our Press Proof Book from our more traditional Proof Portfolio. You can have images on both sides of each page, or place a generic order form on the back of each image page with the file names and print sizes.
How do I add in a black background?
Create a black image, then load in your saved image by selecting the image option under pages background. Be sure to select white for your text color.
What are the image node sizes, and will I lose any image area?

Images go into a square node, which enables either a horizontal or vertical image to be in the node, without any image area loss. The node sizes are as follows:

Portfolio LayoutImage Node Size
4-up image node (8x10 page)3.5x3.5
6-up image node (8x10 page)2.67x2.67
Cover image node6x6