Smooth CoverSmooth Cover

Smooth Cover

Smooth paper is coated and offers an excellent white allowing for vibrant color rendition.

Product Highlights:

  • Weight is 120# Cover/325 gsm.
  • Contains 10% total recovered fiber recycled content and is FSC certified.
  • Due to the recycled nature of this paper, you may see visible flecks of paper fibers in your finished press product.


 Gloss UV Coating Gloss UV Coating

Gloss UV Coating

Playing Card image side is coated with a layer of gloss UV. It is applied as a secondary step in the production process once printing is complete.

Product Highlights:

  • The coating is applied as a thin layer on the surface of the printed piece. This liquid is then cured through exposure to high intensity UV light.
  • During the process, the coating follows the contour of toners on the page so in areas of high toner density, there is a higher degree of shine.