I don’t see a template for one of the sports I offer. What do I do?

We offer generic templates without any sports graphics and also completely blank products for those customers wanting to design their own. Generic templates without a reference to a specific sport can be found within each template category under the General sport field. Completely blank products can be found in the General Templates category listed under the Blank sport field.

I see a design you offer that I like but would like to customize it to fit my customer’s needs. Is this possible?
Yes, there is a onetime set up fee of $20. We will require an unflattened PSD to create the masks in our system. Please contact Customer Service if you wish to set up a custom template.
How long will it take for my order to ship?
Even during the busy season, most orders will ship within 24 hours of arriving at the lab and are delivered to you with FREE overnight shipping via UPS. While same-day shipping is our goal, we cannot guarantee it unless you request our rush option.
What is the difference between Individual Packaging and Individual Packaging with Trinkets?
When Individual Packaging is selected we will package most Print sizes while trinket items such as Buttons, Magnets and Trader Cards will be returned with the order packaged separately. Selecting Individual Packaging with Trinkets requests we package the trinket items with the Prints in the same envelope. However, in both cases, there are products that will never arrive packaged. Larger Print sizes such as our 10x13, 5x15, 10x20, 16x20 and 10x30 will be returned either packaged flat and taped to cardboard or in a tube. Also, Statuettes, Stand Ups, Stand Up Dry Eraser Boards, Plaques, Modern Plaques, Water Bottles, Metal Display Prints, Mugs, Metal Water Bottles, Tumblers, Memory Mate Mounts and Large Wall Clings will all be returned with the order packaged separately.