Hanging Options

Frames are delivered ready to hang with an easel back, wire hanger, or sawtooth bracket depending on the size of the Frame you order. For a list of Frame backings for Frame Collections 1 and 2, please visit the FAQ section . Please note: Metal Frames up to 11x14 get a metal sawtooth hanger that is attached into the hollow backside of the frame. Metal Frames larger than 11x14 get a wire hanger. Soho Frames in Collection 3 have sawtooth brackets included for 20x24 and smaller sizes, while wire hangers are used for 20x30 and larger sizes. Any Frame with glass larger than 11x14 has a wire hanger. Any Frame in Collection 1 or 2 without glass gets a sawtooth hanger. All Matted Frames must have glass. All Frames without a mat must be mounted. All Frames without glass must be mounted. Frames made of wood and composite materials are finished off with a brown paper backing. Metal Frames do not have brown paper backing.

Saw Tooth BracketsSaw Tooth Brackets
Wire HangersWire Hangers


Choose Glass or Non-Glare Glass to protect your images. If No-Glass is preferred, the print must be mounted on matboard, and we suggest adding lustre coating for additional protection.

Non-Glare GlassNon-Glare Glass