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Skilled team of artists

Whether you need raw images processed to the highest standard, a museum quality digital painting, or a custom album design with unique style, our team is equipped with the best skills in the industry, saving your studio valuable time. Rely on Miller's quick turnaround, even on Art Department orders. Once submitted to the lab, you'll receive your work back in just 2-3 days.


Take your images from good to great with Miller’s retouching.
We offer two levels – Basic and Standard.

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Basic Retouching

The name says it all. Our basic service can be requested for removal of slight skin imperfections. This service is performed automatically and is best suited for images that need minor adjustments.

Standard Retouching

Our premium level of service. It can be selected for images that need a little more attention. Our experienced artists perform a number of standard services, including removal of severe blemishes and the softening of facial lines.