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Skilled team of artists

Whether you need raw images processed to the highest standard, a museum quality digital painting, or a custom album design with unique style, our team is equipped with the best skills in the industry, saving your studio valuable time. Rely on Miller's quick turnaround, even on Art Department orders. Once submitted to the lab, you'll receive your work back in just 2-3 days.

Raw Processing

Let us handle your post-processing needs from image sorting to color correction and cropping. Images will be returned back to you on a DVD in either JPG or DNG format, unless a proofing order is submitted along with your RAW Processing order.

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Basic Processing

  • RAW > JPG

Let us convert your files from RAW to JPG, while also correcting them to the stunning color you have come to expect from our experienced color specialists at Miller's.

Premium Processing


Give your images some kick! Tell us your preferences, and we’ll crop, straighten, vignette, color correct, and even add actions and presets to your images from our long list of options.

Image Sorting

We’ll cull through your large selection of images, picking the best of the best. Pair this with our premium processing service when posting images to Miller’s Storefront.

Compare Premium Presets

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