Our Ad Campaigns

Envision Campaign Revisited

Our 2012 “Envision” campaign was such a hit we decided to continue with the theme, but with a twist, for the launch of our new Miller’s Signature Album line in early 2013. We enlisted a group of talented photographers to communicate the essence of the new album, created by them and printed by us, as seen through their eyes. The results speak for themselves:

Envision Campaign

Our new ad campaign focuses on the fun, new innovative products introduced here at Miller’s. We’ve partnered with photographers across the U.S. asking them to bring our products to life as they envision them. And now for your viewing pleasure: our hottest new products as seen through the eyes of our fabulous clients.

RE Ad Campaign

Our RE ad campaign hit publications in early 2011, showcasing a number of new initiatives at Miller’s – from new software to a new toolkit to a new website. Click to view larger samples.


I am Miller's Ad Campaign

The I am Miller’s ad campaign featured photographers from across the nation. In their own words, they describe their passions and ideologies, as well as how Miller’s has helped grow their studios. Click to view larger samples.