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Pittsburg Lab

The Pittsburg Lab

The Pittsburg lab is a nearly 170,000-square-foot facility with products and services primarily supporting Professional Wedding, Portrait, Sport/Event, and School photographers. Poised to support traditional film capture, as well as digital files, the Pittsburg lab houses film processing, school, sports and events, large prints, mounting and finishing services, wall art, and the Mpix division. In 2015, more than 76,000,000 digital files were received in the Pittsburg lab with over 64,000,000 of these files belonging to Mpix. The Pittsburg staff is made up of approximately 460 members during the peak season.

Employment Opportunities

We are currently hiring part-time and full-time production roles. If interested, please fill out a general application here.

Community of Pittsburg

Pittsburg is a small community located in southeast Kansas, rich in cultural diversity and rooted in a strong work ethic. The population of Pittsburg is just under 20,400 with a university enrollment of 7,000. With a number of affordably-priced hotels and a good selection of quality restaurants, Pittsburg visitors enjoy visiting the lab and taking in the local sights and sounds. Please visit our Pittsburg Chamber of Commerce website for maps and other area attractions.