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Columbia Lab

The Columbia Lab

The Columbia lab opened for business in March 2001. It is an ultra modern, 44,000-square-foot facility designed to meet the needs of the digital photographer. The Columbia facility supports prints, proofing, albums and books, as well as press products ordered through stand-alone or online versions of our free proprietary software. A full array of other print finishing services such as mounting, coating, and texture are also available. A total of 25,000 files a day are routinely received by the Columbia lab. The staff reaches 180 team members during the busiest times of the year.

Employment Opportunities

We are currently hiring part-time and full-time production roles. If interested, please fill out a general application here.

Community of Columbia

Columbia is a midsize city located in central Missouri between St. Louis and Kansas City. Nationally known for its high quality of living and strong technology-centered labor force, it became the logical choice for Miller’s second location. The population of Columbia is approximately 115,000 with a university enrollment of over 30,000. Columbia is a popular visiting place with a dynamic blend of recreational opportunities and relaxed, Midwestern living. Please visit the Columbia Chamber of Commerce web site for maps and other area attractions.