What is the depth of Standouts?
Standouts are 1.5” deep.
Can I order a custom-sized Standouts?
Custom sizes are not currently available.
What surface modification and mounting options do I have?
You can choose to add Lustre Coating to your Standout as an option. Standouts are automatically mounted to foam board; no other mounting options are available.
Do you have any sample discounts available for this product?
Yes, we offer a 25% sample discount for this product, sizes 16x20 and larger. You will need to place your order as usual, and email or call Customer Service with your order number. Due to seasonal increases in volume, the sample discount is not available November 1 through December 30.
What is the final size of my standout product and how should I crop my file?
The final size of your standout product will be ¼” smaller than listed online (i.e. if your order an 8x12 standout the finished product will be 7.75x11.75). However we recommend you crop your image to the size standout you are ordering, leaving any important part of your image or text 1” away from the edge of the image to allow for accurate trimming.