What color space do I use for my files?
Are there discounts for multiple books ordered at the same time?
There are no discounts for multiple quantities in a Soft Cover Book order.
Can I get the cover paper types on the interior of the book?
No, only matte and semi-gloss papers are available for the interior pages.
What is the weight of the Cover papers?
Smooth Cover - This smooth paper offers an excellent white allowing for vibrant color rendition. It’s weight is 100# Cover/270 gsm. It contains no recycled content; however, it is FSC certified. For more information, check out http://www.fscus.org/faqs/what_is_certification.php

Fine Art Linen - This paper has a subtle, yet traditional and luxurious linen pattern. This fine linen pattern presents exceptional print clarity and accepts delicate type well. It’s weight is 80# Cover/216 gsm. It contains 50% recycled content.

   Pearl - Pearl Paper offers a subtle shimmer to any design. This rich, luminous effect is achieved by combining natural minerals with organic pigments. This paper is not recommended for printing delicate type and fine details, the luminous effect and paper surface make reading small text difficult. It’s weight is 107# Cover/290 gsm. It contains no recycled content; however, it is FSC certified.
What is the weight of the Interior papers?
Semi Gloss - This paper offers a high quality, extremely smooth semi-gloss surface providing for excellent contrast color reproduction. It’s weight is 100# Text/148 gsm. It contains 10% recycled content.

   Matte - This acid free paper is chosen by designers for its archival quality and timeless appeal. Its soft, smooth surface provides for velvety solids and natural-looking prints. Its weight is 100# Text, and it contains 30% recycled content.
While designing, which sides will end up being the cover?
The first two pages in the order will be the front cover (side 1 the outside front and side 2 the inside front) while the last two will be the back cover.
Can I order a pano spread in this product?
No, due to the way the product is put together pano spreads are not recommended.
What is the difference between saddle-stitched and perfect bound?
With our Saddle-Stitched Books, printed pages are folded in half and stapled at the spine. Perfect Bound Books, similar to most paperback books, are glued at the spine.
Do you have paper samples available?
Yes, please visit Billable Supplies | Samples and order a Press Sample Kit.
How should I size my pages?
We recommend you use the guide files on the How To Order tab.
Do you offer a studio sample discount on this product?
We do not offer studio sample discounts on Soft Cover Books.