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We support several PhotoLynx programs, including CamLynx and ImageMatch Light.

Why use CamLynx? CamLynx is an on-site capture and data collection system. You can:

  • Tether your camera to a laptop and match images and data on site.
  • Print ID cards on site.
  • Enter package info on site.
  • Rename files at capture.

Why use ImageMatch? ImageMatch is an automated system for aligning studio data to digital images. You can:

  • Crop and color correct the images.
  • Photograph green screen.
  • Match images and data off site without tethering.
  • Batch data manipulation.
  • Set up multi-pose jobs from one image.

Other PhotoLynx-supported products are Mr. Gray and Proof My Class. To get started with PhotoLynx at a discounted price, call:

  • Dan: 800-376-6121 ext. 2343
  • Allen: 800-376-6121 ext. 2309
  • Brian: 800-376-6121 ext. 2344
PhotoLynx Software Pricing through Miller's Initial License Add'l Licenses
CamLynx (annual fee) $250 $250
ImageMatch Light (annual fee) $300 $300
Mr. Gray (one time fee) $150 N/A
Proof My Class (per school) TBA TBA



Quixi is a new workflow option for school shooters. With Quixi, you can:

  • Embed an image with full subject and package data without the need for a computer or data-enterer. Quixi allows fewer staff to operate at greater speed with perfect accuracy.
  • Embedding data is accomplished by photographing the subject with a QuixiCard. This special camera card includes all the subject data and package selection which becomes securely encoded in the photograph’s pixels.
  • After photographing the subject with the QuixiCard, Quixi can scan the image and output data or render printed items at any time. There is no human operator or need of a data file.

For more information on Quixi, contact Photolynx and tell the representative that you heard about Quixi through Miller’s.

Foto Velocity

Foto Velocity

We accept school portrait jobs from Foto Velocity, a complete all-in-one workflow solution software allowing you the freedom in processing the event as you need to.

  • Completely wireless, no tethering needed.
  • Compatible with any camera brand.
  • Match images and data, and soft all images taken anytime throughout your event.
  • Quick crop all images.
  • Create and print personal proof sheets, ID cards, and reorder forms on location.
  • Rename all files to suit the event needs.
  • Create unique passwords for every individual in the event.
  • Upload directly to Miller’s, including all data, photos, cropping, and package information.
  • Upload directly to Miller’s Storefront with password for online selling.

To find out more, email info@fotovelocity.com or visit http://www.fotovelocity.com.