in Film

Long Roll Film Scans

Whether you are interested in a digital archival of your film images, or just want to take advantage of the plethora of digital printing options available now, we scan 35mm and Medium Format rolls of film. Scan sizes range from 12-20 MB depending on the film format. We do offer larger scans from medium format long roll film at the time of processing for an additional charge. These larger scan sizes range from 43-75 MB. We also offer scans for long rolls that have already been processed. Each frame is individually color corrected before burning to a CD. Downloadable digital files can be requested, with files sent through our secure transfer site via email. You may also provide a USB flash drive with a film order onto which we will load digital files.

Cut Negative Scans

We offer high res scans from cut negatives. Our 35mm scans are 18MB and our medium format negative scans will vary from 45-80MB, depending on the size of the negative.