Can I add foil stamping to the portfolio covers?
No, foil stamping is not available at this time.
What are the image node sizes on the portfolio pages?
Portfolio Layout8x10 pages13x10 pages
4-up image nodes 3.5x3.5 4x4
6-up image nodes 2.67x2.67 3.66x3.66
8-up image nodes 2.25x2.25 3x3
9-up image nodes 2.25x2.25 2.4x2.4
12-up image nodes 1.84x1.84 2.44x2.44
Cover image node 6x6 7x7
What is an order page?
An order page is an image file that you design with your pricing information that can be added at the end of Proof Portfolios.
What is the maximum number of pages that can be spiraled together? What if I go over that maximum?
We can spiral up to 70 pages in one portfolio. If you add more than that, we will evenly split your pages into two portfolios, and add a second cover page. There will be a one additional page charge for the second cover page.