Spiral Binding

Spiral bind your composite with black binding and a frosted poly cover front.

Spiral BindingSpiral Binding

Hard Cover Options

Custom Image Glossy

Customize the cover of your Press Proof Book with your very own design. The design will be printed on on photographic paper with a coat of high gloss applied for protection.


Eurohyde Leathers

Choose from a variety of colorful Eurohyde options, wrapping around the book. Eurohydes are included in the price of the Hard Cover Book.

Aqua EurohydeAqua Eurohyde
Black EurohydeBlack Eurohyde
Brown EurohydeBrown Eurohyde
Grass EurohydeGrass Eurohyde
Lavender EurohydeLavender Eurohyde
Red EurohydeRed Eurohyde
Rose EurohydeRose Eurohyde
Silver EurohydeSilver Eurohyde

Art Cloth

Wrap your book in one of our many Art Cloth covers. Art Cloth is included in the price of the Hard Cover Book.

Black Art ClothBlack Art Cloth
Blue Art ClothBlue Art Cloth
Cream Art ClothCream Art Cloth
Green Art ClothGreen Art Cloth
Lavender Art ClothLavender Art Cloth
Baby Blue Art ClothBaby Blue Art Cloth
Orange Art ClothOrange Art Cloth
Pink Art ClothPink Art Cloth
Red Art ClothRed Art Cloth
Brown Art ClothBrown Art Cloth