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Brochures: Overview

Create buzz with Brochures. Folded into a finished size of 8.5x11, they’re the perfect size for studio price lists and promotional tools.

Statuettes: Overview

Printed on photographic paper, cut out, and mounted to an acrylic base, Statuettes are an outstanding way to display your images.

Posters: Overview

Posters are a great way to plug your studio, an upcoming event, or a local business. Make them easy for everyone to see by adding colorful imagery to your design.

Statuettes: Overview

Sizes 5x7, 8x10 Paper Types E-Surface photographic paper Printing Process E-Surface print mounted to 1/8" white or black acrylic, then laser cut according to the subject; 1/4" acrylic mounting base

Keychains: Overview

Give your clients a product they can carry with them everywhere they go. Each Keychain includes one print inserted into the unit, plus a powerful flashlight on the end. Parents will love the