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Brochures: FAQ

How many images should I design for a Brochure? Brochures have four sides (front, inside front, inside back, and back). You can design images for all four sides, or leave any of the sides blank.

Statuettes: FAQ

How are statuettes made? Your image is printed on photographic paper, mounted to 1/8” thick black or white acrylic, and laser cut according to the subject. Do I need to specify what to cut? No, we

Stickers: FAQ

Is the paper used for the stickers acid-free? Yes. Is there a minimum order? Yes, minimum order is 50 stickers. Are additional tins available for purchase? Yes. Each tin will fit 50 stickers, and you

Banners: FAQ

What should I use to clean my Banner? Use a soft, dry cloth. Are the Banners waterproof? Yes, the Banners are printed with a solvent ink which has durability up to three years outdoors. What is the

Tumbler: FAQ

I don’t see a template for one of the sports I offer. What do I do? We offer generic templates without any sports graphics and also completely blank products for those customers wanting to design