Magnet Mount

Display Luxe Vivid Metal prints on a refrigerator or any other magnetic surface with a Metal Mount. The magnet is positioned so that Luxe Vivid Metal prints can be displayed both vertically and horizontally. The Magnet Mount is available on the 11x8 Luxe Vivid Metal print only.

Magnet MountMagnet Mount

Metal Easel

Choose the Metal Easel to show of Luxe Vivid Metal prints on any desk or flat surface. The Metal Easel will be adhered vertically and horizontally depending on the image orientation and is available on the 11x8 Luxe Vivid Metal print only.

Metal EaselMetal Easel

Float Mount

Hang Luxe Vivid Metal prints with ease using a ¾” thick Float Mount on the back of the metal itself. The ready-to-hang mount is positioned to meet both vertical and horizontal image orientations. The Float Mount is available on all Luxe Vivid Metal print sizes.

Float MountFloat Mount