What do you use to clean Wall Art Metals?
You can use a soft cloth or feather duster. We recommend that you do not use chemicals, cleaners, or abrasive cloths on this substrate.
Will the metal rust?
No, Luxe Vivid Metals will not rust.
Can Wall Art Metals be displayed outside?
Direct sunlight will fade images printed on Luxe Vivid Metals, so we do not recommend displaying these outside.
Can I order a custom size?
Custom sizes are not available at this time.
What type of metal makes up this product?
Luxe Vivid Metals are made of aluminum.
Do you have any sample discounts available for this product?
Yes, we offer a 15% sample discount for this product, sizes 16x20 and larger. You will need to place your order as usual, then email or call Customer Service with your order number. Due to seasonal increases in volume, the sample discount is not available November 1 through December 30.
What’s the turnaround time?
Typical turnaround for Luxe Vivid Metals is 2-3 days in lab. All orders are delivered via free UPS next day.
Will the Vivid Metals scratch?
My Luxe Vivid Metal has slight imperfections. Is this normal?
Yes. Luxe Vivid Metals undergo a series of coating procedures prior to printing. There are minor variations and imperfections on the surface of the metal that we cannot control. While we make every effort to reduce their visibility, we cannot consent to remakes or issue credits solely for these imperfections.
Is the Luxe Vivid Metal Archival?
Yes under normal indoor viewing conditions (not under direct sunlight), Luxe Vivid Metals have a Standard Archival Value of 100+ years.