Can I order a panoramic spread in this product?
Yes, but for a panoramic spread to be printed correctly in this product it must be submitted as a pano spread and not cropped into individual pages.
How are LayFlat Press Books different from Hard Cover Press Books?
Hard Cover Press Books and LayFlat Press Books are different in a number of ways – different cover options, different paper types, and a different binding process. Named for how they lay when open, LayFlat Press Books actually lay flat so images aren’t distorted by the hinge of the book, while Hard Cover Press Books are bound as a typical book would be. LayFlat Books are our high end press book and have bonded leather covers, while our Hard Cover Press Book covers are made of eurohyde. Finally, LayFlat paper is the thickest hinged paper in the industry, including both pearl and smooth. Hard Cover Press Book paper types include matte, semi-gloss, and linen and are thinner when compared to the LayFlat pages.
How thick are the pages?
LayFlat Book pages can have either smooth (0.011") or pearl (0.015") interior pages, printed double-sided. The smooth paper is a little heavier than card stock paper.
What is the weight of the paper?
LayFlat Smooth - This bright white paper utilizes a patented built-in “hinge” that allows for the book pages to lay flat when opened. It’s weight is 300 gsm. It contains no recycled content; however, it is FSC certified.

   LayFlat Pearl - This paper is the same as our Pearl Cover stock however is manufactured with the built-in hinge. It’s weight is 107# Cover/290 gsm. It contains no recycled content; however, it is FSC certified.
What color space do I use for my files?
Do I get a discount if I order three or four?
There are no discounts for multiple quantities in a LayFlat Press Book order.
What’s the turnaround?
Typical turnaround is 1-2 days in lab and delivered via free UPS next day.
Do your albums and books start with a single page on the right or with a pano image?
When designing your LayFlat Albums and Books with Miller’s, please design your first page as a single image on the right. Our albums and books do not open as panos.
How do I order non-panoramic designs within the ROES application?
Unfortunately at this time non-panoramic pages are not available for ordering in the ROES application. For layout options, use Designer Plus.