How are LayFlat Albums different from LayFlat Press Books?
LayFlat Albums are made of silver halide photographic paper, while LayFlat Press Books are made of press stock paper. Silver halide photographic paper provides the highest quality for photographic printing. LayFlat Albums prints are also pano spreads across the left and right pages while LayFlat Books have a small gutter in between the left and right pages.
Can I order a panoramic spread in this product?
Yes, but for a panoramic spread to be printed correctly in this product it must be submitted as a pano spread and not cropped into individual pages.
How are LayFlat Albums different from Miller’s Signature Albums?
LayFlat Album pages are photographically printed on the same Silver Halide paper as the Miller’s Signature Album. Silver Halide and Classic Felt press paper is available for the Miller’s Signature Album, whereas the Layflat Album is only offered with Silver Halide paper. While Miller’s Signature Album prints are mounted to your choice of a thick or thin substrate and bound, LayFlat Album prints are mounted back to back, creating thinner, lighter-weight pages.
How thick are the pages?
LayFlat Album pages are two prints mounted back to back, measuring half a millimeter in thickness.
Do you have sample LayFlat Albums?
We are proud to offer 25% off on samples of LayFlat Albums. Sample albums will be stamped on the outside, back cover stating ‘Not for Resale, Sample Only.’ Due to seasonal increases in volume, the sample discount is not available November 1 through December 30. To receive a sample discount please place SAMPLELAYFLAT in the voucher code area upon checkout with the Miller’s Designer PLUS software.
Do I get a discount if I order three or four?
There are no discounts for multiple quantities in a LayFlat Album order.
What’s the turnaround?
Typical turnaround is 1-2 days in lab and delivered via free UPS next day.
Do your LayFlat albums start with a single page on the right or with a pano image?
When designing your LayFlat Albums and Books with Miller’s, please design your first page as a single image on the right. Our albums and books do not open as panos.
Do you have cover samples?
Yes, please visit the Billable Supplies | Samples section.