What elements of the card will be foil pressed?
All elements featured in the provided templates will be foil pressed.
Can I send in my own designs for Foil Pressed Cards?
Unfortunately, there are no custom options for Foil Pressed Cards at this time. You may only select from the available template options when ordering. Check out Design Market for additional design options.
Do you offer card samples?
Yes, visit Billable Supplies and select Foil Pressed Card Sample Kit.
Can I print on both sides of the cards?
Yes, Foil Pressed Cards are double-sided. One side features the foil pressed design and the other is available for customization. Please note: There will be a minor imprint on the back of the foil pressed design due to paper debossing. This may be slightly visible depending on design elements.
I am a Photoshop Elements user and cannot view the individual layers in the guide file. What do I do?
There is an action available on our Design Market courtesy of CYE Photography that will ungroup the layers for you. Before this action can be installed and run you will want to unlock the layers of the group by clicking the lock icon found at the top of the layers palette. This action can be found here.