Do I have to print on both sides?
No, you do not. Both sides are fully customizable or you can leave one side blank. This is your choice.
Can I design this as a postcard?
Yes, you can. We have a PSD guide file designed specifically for a postcard to aid you in laying out your design according to post office regulations.
What is the difference between UV Coating and Gloss?
We offer two types of coating for printed press items, UV or Gloss. Gloss is applied at the time of printing and is the highest level of shine that can be applied to the paper. Gloss can only be applied to Smooth paper. UV is applied as a secondary step in the production process and offers less of a shine than that of the gloss. UV can be applied to all press paper types.
What’s the turnaround time?
Typical turnaround for these products is 1-2 days in lab. All orders are delivered free via FedEx next-business day shipping.
Can I order samples of my own designs for Flat Cards?
Yes, a custom card sample set can be ordered for 5x7 Flat Cards (no other sizes currently available). Upload four unique designs to ROES; two cards will be printed of each design, totaling eight cards in the sample set order. One paper type can be selected for entire set. Find out more here.