Where do I find the film order form?
Download your film order form here.
Will I be charged a shipping fee for sending my film order to Miller’s?
If you ship your film order to Miller’s using our Overnight UPS mailing labels, your account will be charged a $7.00 inbound shipping fee, which does not count towards your order minimum. Ground shipping is available at no charge.
What size are your scans?

Proofing Scans (low res)

Film Type Image Resolution (Regular Scans) File Size (Regular Scans) Image Resolution (Large Scans) File Size (Large Scans)
6x7 2951x2407 20.32mb 5810x4648 77.26mb
6x6 2380x2416 16.45mb 4844x4844 67.13mb
6x4.5 1766x2412 12.19mb 4380x3504 43.91mb
35mm 3130x2075 18.58mb n/a n/a

Reorder Scans (Large Scans)

Scan Type Image Resolution File Size
B 5810x4648 77.26mb
C 5352x4281 66.55mb
D 4844x3875 53.70mb
TD 4844x4844 67.13mb
E 4380x3504 43.91mb
TE 4380x4380 54.89mb
F 3943x2154 35.58mb
TF 3943x3943 44.48mb
G 3343x2674 25.58mb
TG 3343x3343 31.97mb
H 2928x2050 17.17mb