What makes Dream Prints different from traditional photographic prints?
Dream Prints are produced with a unique, Giclee printing process that provides higher image detail than traditional photographic printing. Using 7 dye-based inks, Dream Prints offer improved color reproduction, a wider color gamut, and enhanced image clarity.
Can I combine different Dream Prints paper types in one order?
Yes, unlike with photographic prints, you are able to include multiple Dream Prints paper types in the same order.
Can I order a custom size?
Custom sizes are not available at this time.
Do you have any sample discounts available for this product?
No, we do not offer studio sample discounts on Dream Prints.
What’s the turnaround time?
Typical turnaround for Dream Prints is 1-2 days in lab. All orders are delivered via free UPS next day.
Is there a minimum order for this product?
Yes, the minimum order is $15.00.