Is the Custom Wood Album Box available as a combo with the Miller’s Signature Album?
While the Miller’s Signature Album and Custom Wood Photo Box are sold separately, both products can be added into the same cart for check-out.
What are the box dimensions?
8x8 Album Box= 9.875” x 9.857” D=3”
10x10 Album Box = 11.875” x 11.875” D=3”
12x12 Album Box= 13.875” x 13.875” D=3”
Is it possible to print the color white on the lid of the Custom Wood Album Box?
Yes, white will be visible on the lid of the box as long it is not pure white (RGB 255). Pure white will show through as natural wood-grain.
Can I choose both printing and etching on the same Custom Wood Album Box?
No, you must select either printing or etching on your Custom Wood Album Box.
To what etched designs can I add customizable text?
You are able to add up to 2 lines of customizable text to the following designs for Etched Wood Boxes: Charming Union, Diamonds, Dot to Dot, Emblem, Geometric, Love & Marriage, Memories, Sweet Love, and Tribal.


What fonts are used for the customizable text on Etched Album Boxes?
Each design that allows for customizable text is paired with a specific font. Should you choose to add customized text to one of these designs, the font listed next to the design name below will be used to etch your text on the box lid.
  • Charming Union – Adobe Caslon Pro Italic
  • Diamonds – Josefin Sans
  • Dot to Dot Text – Raleway
  • Emblem – Josefin Sans
  • Geometric – Josefin Sans
  • Love & Marriage - Lucida Bright
  • Memories – American Typewriter
  • Sweet Love – Avant Guard BK BT
  • Tribal – Georgia
What is the etchable area of the custom option for Etched Album Boxes?
8x8 Etched Box= 5x5” centered
10x10 Etched Box= 6x6” centered
12x12 Etched Box= 7x7” centered

If you are interested in having a larger area etched onto the lid of the box, please contact customer service for more information.
Using the custom option for Etched Album Boxes, can I etch an image onto the box lid?
No, only logos and text are allowed at this time.
How should I prepare my file for the custom option for Etched Album Boxes?
Please make sure that your logo or text to be custom etched is black on a white background.
Do you offer a discount when a Custom Wood Album Box is ordered with a Miller’s Signature Album?
Unfortunately, we do not offer a discount for the Custom Wood Album Box.
Is there a minimum order?
No, there is no minimum order for the Custom Wood Album Box.
What is the turnaround time?
Typical turnaround for this product is 1-2 days in lab. All orders are delivered via free UPS next day.