Am I able to order stamping on the covers?
Foil stamping is not available. However, you can order Accordion Minis with a custom cover.
What is the minimum order requirement?
You must order in sets of three, with the minimum requirement of one set. You can have three separate designs for both the interiors and covers.
What is the difference between a pano and a panel?
A pano would be one image file that spans the entire side. A panel would be one individual file that fits each image node available on each side.
Which side is front? Which side is back?
Side one is considered the front and side two the back.
How many image nodes are on each side?
On the 2.5x3.5, there are six image nodes available on both sides. On the 3x3, there are six image nodes on side one and four image nodes on side two.
Is there a price difference between paper types?
No, paper types are all the same. If choosing gloss or UV coating, there is an additional charge.
Can I mix cover options in a single order with 3 unique designs?
No, the same type of cover will be applied to all 3 accordion minis, whether it’s the custom cover type or Eurohyde/Art Cloth type.
What’s the turnaround time?
Typical turnaround for these products is 1-2 days in lab. All orders are delivered via free UPS next day.